What does Wager Approval Required mean?

Per the Sports Betting House Rules:

<Sec A, Para 4.3>
All bet selections are subject to pre-imposed limits set solely at Parx Interactive’s discretion which may be lower than the limits mentioned in <Section A, Para 4.1> and <Section C, Para 31>. Should this limit be reached, a patron has the right to ask for it to be exceeded by means of a request effected through Parx Interactive’s platform(s). Parx Interactive reserves the right to accept (fully or partially) or reject the said request without any prior notice and further explanation.”

<Sec A, Para 4.4>
“Parx Interactive reserves the right to decline, solely at its own discretion, all, or part of, any bet requested. This includes the possibility that a “System bet” as defined in <Section B, Para 4> is not accepted in full, either in terms of stakes or combinations included in said “System bet”.”

 When an attempted wager exceeds the pre-imposed limit, a PBA (Partial Bet Approval) is offered when a portion of your wager will be auto accepted with the rest sent for manual approval. We offer no guarantee whatsoever that the remaining portion of your bet will be accepted or rejected it is strictly up to our In House Trading Team. Please see the example below, in this case he selected the middle option and the entire remainder of his bet was rejected.

Wager Approval Example for a Cash Bet: