What is a Cash Out?

We offer a feature called Cash Out and it is the option to cash your bet out between placing your bet and the end of the event that you wagered on. Cashing out can result in your wager being returned, an increased amount being returned or a lesser amount being returned. The amount that you will receive if you Cash Out is typically based on odds and offers some insurance on your bet if you with to utilize it.

To Cash Out a Sports Bet, login then navigate to the sports betting page. Go to ‘My Bets’ (On PC/MAC Desktops and Laptops you will see this on the left hand menu as ‘My Bets’, on Mobile Devices from the Sports page click on the icon that looks like a list on the right hand side then click either ‘All’ or ‘Open’ to go to your currently open bets).

Click on the ticket you wish to Cash Out 

There will be a Green Box that says ‘Cash out.’ Click the Cash Out button then click the ‘Confirm’ button. It can take 7-9 seconds for your Cash Out to process (Note: During a live event, it is possible for a Cash Out to be rejected if the odds come down due to play stoppage, time outs, breaks, half times, etc.)




Not all bets have the ability to be cashed out on! Whether a bet can be cashed out on is solely at the discretion of our Parx Sportsbook, as depicted in the House Rules. This is explained under Section B of our Sportsbook's House Rules.


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