Do I have to connect to WiFi in order to play?

Yes, in order for GeoComply to geo-locate you the program will look to see both that you are connected to a WiFi Network and that there are at least 2 other WiFi Networks within range of your router. These three connections are use to give the best geo-location possible to ensure you are playing within the State of Michigan as we are required to do by Michigan Gaming Control Board regulations.

You will be prompt to install the plugin after attempting to play a slot game or enter the sportsbook. Simply follow the prompt on the screen and install the plug-in. Once installed, re-load the page and the plugin should accurately locate you in the state of Michigan. If you have any issues during this process, please feel free to contact player support.  

If you are playing on an Android Device or an iOS Device, the GeoComply software is already built into the app so no additional downloads or installations are needed to Geo-locate while you are connected and playing in the apps.



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